Investing in

Ageing Society

focused Businesses

By 2025 the 2.1 billion over-50s will represent more than 25% of the global population, 40% of discretionary income and 75% of global wealth; and, at the same time, they will be the fastest growing demographic.

4Gen Ventures is a venture capital firm that aims to unleash the trapped capital and untapped skills and experience of the over-50s to trigger a new wave of GDP growth and help the individuals within this demographic to increase their purpose and health-span.

We will do this by investing in early stage companies that combine a sense of mission (to solve high priority problems associated with longevity) with the drive and skills to build scalable businesses (to produce high long-term commercial returns and sustainable solutions) in financial services, insurance, retail, property, health and wellness, leisure, transport and the future of work.

The health span, inequity and related problems that 4Gen is seeking to solve are global, and our long-term mission is to help crystalize, scale and globalize many of the current solutions under way, using venture capital to achieve maximum sustained impact.