Imagine how a 4-Gen world might evolve ad hoc versus how it might be designed. Many 70-year-olds will work; but will they work 30-hour weeks in jobs that take advantage of their insight and skills, or will they be forced into low-paying, 60-hour gig jobs to survive? People will need homes; will they live in isolated apartments that fracture family relationships or designs that encourage the mutual support of four or more generations? Artificial intelligence, pervasive data gathering, autonomous mobility, and healthcare innovations will be commonplace. Will these factors come together to enhance or constrain the pursuit of happiness in this new world?

Dominic Endicott, Partner, 4GEN Ventures put together a Longevity Dividend Round Table held in London. It brought together UK business leaders from the worlds of insurance, tech, healthcare, utilities and more to explore private sector response and the business opportunity offered by an ageing society.
You can find out who took part and the key themes that were discussed here