4Gen Partner Dominic Endicott, was interviewed on thegerontechnologist.com podcast about Age-tech and the new opportunities 4Gen are looking for

‘It is a fund focused on what we call AgeTech, which I see as the intersection of the longevity economy and digitization. To some extent it builds on what we saw at GreatCall, where we saw a very large company being built, premised on targeting segments of the population that weren’t well served and bringing digital solutions to that. My belief is that this is going to be an exploding and very large segment.

‘I’ve teamed up with a group from Northstar Ventures in the UK, to start 4Gen Ventures. And our goal would be to raise the first fund somewhere in the range of £50M to a £100M, and to invest in somewhere between 10 and 20 companies, typically at the later part of seed or early part of Series A, but we’ll also be starting a few companies from scratch.’

Listen to the whole podcast here