4Gen Partner Dominic Endicott talks to Forbes about the importance and potential of Age-Tech, and why he believes that ‘Age-Tech’ is the next frontier market for technology disruption in the quest to make longevity accessible to everyone

‘Several key principles are critical: foremost is to design services valued by all age groups and not viewed as “products for old people”. Think about Apple, whose US Age-Tech revenue likely exceeds $15B. Its innovations in the iWatch, face-based authentication and iPad line of products are particularly appropriate for older users, but it is not perceived as a company for older people. Amazon’s US Age-Tech revenue likely exceeds $30B, and its acquisitions of Ring and Pill Pack, both billion-dollar purchases, allow it to deepen its position in the home and health spending wallet, which skew to older customers, but again it is viewed as age-agnostic. A second key element of Age-Tech is to combine a highly intuitive user experience with often complex behind-the-scenes sophistication. For example, GreatCall provides intuitive communications and wellness services designed to be used by people well into their 80s and 90s, and yet takes advantage of the latest advances in software and hardware developments. A third element I would highlight is personalization: as we age, the differences in health, income and wealth tend to increase, which means that it will be increasingly important to adapt services to the specific needs of each group.’

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